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Motovotano is first company to produce synchronized
real-time blended tea in pyramid format

Friday, August 16th 2013 @ 8:53 PM

Seattle tea packager Motovotano is first company in the world to produce synchronized real-time blending for gourmet teas in the pyramid bag format.

Seattle, Washington, June 14, 2013 (updated August 16, 2013): New company Motovotano, founded by tea industry veteran James J. Mackness, is now producing gourmet tea in the most innovative format on the market today—synchronized real-time blending - blended tea in pyramidal bags.

Tea bag innovation produced the pyramid bag format 20 years ago, after the early 20th century invention of the sachet tea bag, credited to American Thomas Sullivan.

The pyramid has established itself as the go-to format for high quality blends that is a customer delighter. The improvements in its design over the sachet allows for larger tea leaves and for those leaves to unfurl and brew properly for superior taste.

Now Motovotano, in collaboration with Flying Bird Botanicals from Bellingham, Washington, are offering a selection of teas using an even more exciting innovation to the pyramid tea packaging—the key step: synchronized real-time blending of the leaves for each bag during production.
Such a distinction in the production allows for the consistent flavor profile and product appearance as each ingredient of the blend is apportioned by weight into the bag. Traditional tea bag production pulls from single batch blends, which does not produce as consistent or flavorful a product.

Amelia C. Levy, writing for Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, said this of the pyramid tea bag: “…innovation is a part of our culture - and if it tastes better, is convenient, looks better, and is interesting and new, this trend is sure to play a role in the future of the tea industry.” Add to that the synchronized real-time blending element and the trend toward pyramid is even more impactful.

Motovotano seeks to collaborate with more purveyors of boutique teas, and restaurant, hospitality and grocery chains interested in private label product, to make high quality tea available in this customer-preferred tea bag shape. Please contact James J. Mackness for additional information: 206.300.6992 or

Motovotano, a Seattle-based company founded in 2012 and housed in the original Rainier Brewing building in historic Georgetown, provides customized packaging of gourmet teas and teasanes in the synchronized real-time blended pyramid bag format for private label customers. Motovotano applies seventeen years of experience in the tea production trade in working with smaller volume runs and product development for its clients.

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