Manual / Semi-Auto 
Over-wrapping Machine

Machine Model OP-1 OP-2
Working style Manual over wrapper Auto flap folder
Power 220VAC 1PH 0.5KW 1 KW
Compressed Air NO 5Kg/cm²
Packing speed 3~6ppm Up to 20ppm
Machine size 450*580*250mmH 570*1120*500mmH
Max. Product size Max. Film width - 370mm 290W/250L/95H (Each Max.)
    Manual / Semi-Auto Over-wrapping Machine Features
  • Wrap film on case as cigarettes box packing type
  • Use tear tape for easy open, makes customer happy
  • Beautiful and deluxe appearance on your product
  • Low packing cost than shrink film packing
  • Dust free, Maintain humidity, taste, Anti-insect for food by BOPP film sealing
  • Can pack by Manual machine only, can speed-up by auto flap folder
  • Can use in factory or in Office by small design of sysetm
  • Easy swift for various size carton, need 5 minutes only
  • OP-2 provides various sealing option : Dot, Line, Full sealing at side
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